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Welcome! I'm new at this blogging stuff, but I find that it is a great way to connect with other gamers, painters, and model builders.

Well, I have finally updated my blog with a few new projects I am working on... mainly Firestorm Armada and WarMachine.

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I also enjoy making model buildings and I have done some work with plaster buildings... but more on that later...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sorylian Morning Star Class Carrier

The Sorylian Carrier looks like a aircraft carrier in space... so I have a lot of detailing yet to do to the flight deck. I've seen some modified with small ships from Battlefleet Gothic... I'll have to see where I could get little tiny ships... any suggestions....?


  1. Shapeways. There's a guy who does neat little ships that I have but one criticism of (I'll mention in a minute) and there's also another gent that does a way way better looking 'escort' type ship than Spartan, in my opinion: They're labeled Coalition frigate and similar.

    About the tiny flyers: my one complaint is that we know Sorylian tiny-flyers would be relatively flat. The carrier's flat, it has a deck, and it has flat-ish hangar doors. I intend to use bits of plastic doweling, cutting them into discs, and shaping them to look a bit sweep-winged.

    One last recommendation I have; I Think the notion of a 'runway' in space is a bit silly (why would they need to build airspeed?) I intend to paint mine such that the upper deck is a kind of 'emergency launch' area, for rapid self-defense. I figure they, being practical in fluff, know that launching an entire wing from the launch doors can take time, and having an entire wing able to lift off in one shot to deal with incoming is much better. Less naval carrier and more moving VTOL pads.

    Sorry for the TL;DR, and rock the tiny brush!

    1. Whups, just noticed the timestamp on the original post... >.> Ah well, general advice nonetheless!