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Welcome! I'm new at this blogging stuff, but I find that it is a great way to connect with other gamers, painters, and model builders.

Well, I have finally updated my blog with a few new projects I am working on... mainly Firestorm Armada and WarMachine.

In the past I've worked with lots of mini's... such as Warhammer, 40K, The old FASA Star Trek models, Mordhiem, Warmaster, Reaper mini's, and many other odds and ends.

I also enjoy making model buildings and I have done some work with plaster buildings... but more on that later...

Thursday, January 27, 2011


A skirmish between the Cyngar and Protectorate did not end so well in the Killing Fields for Cmdr. Coleman Stryker of the Cygnar forces.

Although Hierarch Severius was repeatedly pommeled by the Cygnar Defender Warjack, plenty of Focus kept the warcaster healed and in prime condition to order the Avatar of Menoth to charge Commander Stryker.

In commendable fashion, the Cygnar commander withheld the first onslaught. Despite his courageous efforts, only shreds of his former self where left behind by the Sulese blade of Burning Wrath.

It was another glorious day in the eyes of the righteous existence of the followers of Menoth

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